Data Protection Officer as a Service

Get access to expert advice and guidance that helps you address the compliance demands of the GDPR

With a shortage of individuals trained to handle DPO responsibilities, outsourcing these tasks and duties can help your organization address the compliance demands of the local data protection regulation as well as the GDPR while staying focused on your core business activities.

Did you know that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows organizations to outsource the role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)? Data Protection Officer (DPO) ensures that your organization complies with the legislation, acts accordingly regarding data protection practices and has general ownership of data processing activities.

Cognitive’s DPO as a Service makes it possible for your organization to outsource the role of a DPO. The outsourced DPO performs the tasks described in the data protection regulation allowing you to reach the desired compliance level.

The service includes:

  • Data protection officer (DPO) as a service.
  • Data protection audit and risk assessment
  • Designing Data Privacy registers
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Framework
  • Personal Data transfer abroad
  • Web site including E cookies, Privacy Disclaimers
  • Contract management support
  • Support the customer in case of Data Breach
  • Support data privacy
  • Data Protection awareness campaign

DPO as a service once outsourced to Cognitive can take care of other privacy and data protection tasks, e.g. privacy auditing and planning. These other tasks are agreed separately with the customer.

Benefits of an external DPO

  • Practical and cost-effective solution to achieve DPA and GDPR compliance.
  • Access to independent DPO expertise not available internally.
  • No conflict of interest between the DPO and other business activities.
  • Application of best practice in achieving and maintaining compliance with the DPA/GDPR.
  • Cost effective compared to an internal appointment.
  • Access to DPA and GDPR training and compliance solutions.

Our approach

Congnitive’s DPO as a Service starts off with a workshop, where the organization’s current situation is assessed, and an annual plan is composed outlining the activities and tasks to become compliant. Activities are then divided into reactive and proactive support, which in combination create a comprehensive DPO service. The annual plan is implemented based on a chosen service level, which sets the extent and schedule of the service. This enables us to optimize the service to your organization’s needs.

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