Information Security Advisory

Take control of your business’s Information security.

All organizations are at risk of cybercrime, from small to large, across every industry.

With the increase in cybercrime, effective information security is rapidly becoming a critical issue on the agenda of many business owners.

From experience, we can quickly determine where an organization’s approach to information security can fail and where improvements can be made to develop policies and implement procedures that enable the organization to achieve its objectives.

Through our consultancy service, we can translate this technical insight into clear business focused advice and guidance, specific to your own business needs.

Our focus is to help build resilient businesses systems and processes that can protect themselves from compromise, but also quickly recover and resume business operations following a breach or a process disruption.

Our approach.

  • Discuss the scope
  • Kick-Off interviews with key process owners
  • Collect documents/reports and perform reviews
  • Assess controls environment of your information assets
  • Assess conformance to policy, global security best practice and regulatory requirements
  • Discuss initial findings
  • Develop formal report with recommendations

Speak to our consultants now and find out how we can help you to mitigate your risks.

Beyond that, we provide a variety of ongoing support services to our clients, These include;

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